Chuck Wolf

Chuck Wolf

Director of Human Motion Associates

In the fitness and sports performance industry worldwide, there are only a few names that come to mind when you think functional anatomy, movement analysis, function and advanced program design, and Chuck Wolf is one of them. Chuck has been teaching workshops, presenting at conferences, running seminars with fitness professionals through to elite athletes of many different sports all over the world. Currently sought after as one of the industry’s top educators, Chuck brings a whole new approach to how we look and train the body.

Applied Biomechanics

Human Motion Associates utilizes a progressive approach to unraveling the complexities of movement. We view the body as an integrated matrix of continuous connections, not a series of isolated muscles and joints. We use a multi-disciplinary approach that involves medical, rehabilitation, and exercise physiology personnel to service our clients’ goals and needs.

Functional Anatomy
Movement Analysis
Advanced Program Design
Teaching Workshops
Presenting at Conferences
Running Seminars

Are you someone looking to improve movement and performance?

Human Motion Associates utilizes a progressive approach to unraveling the complexities of movement and know exactly what you need.

A leader in fitness, sports, gait and motion analysis,
and functional anatomy.

He views the body as an integrated matrix of continuous connections, not a series of isolated muscles and joints!

Chuck Wolf, the founder of Human Motion Associates, has more than 40 years of practice as a nationally and internationally recognized Biomechanist and Exercise Physiologist specializing in gait and motion analysis and injury evaluation.  Chuck is also a co-founder of The Comeback Team, which was created to inspire people from all walks of life to transform their life and start a journey of becoming their best self.

Chuck has worked with more than 30,000 clients/patients over the course of his career utilizing assessment techniques to unravel the complexities of injury ranging from back, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, and foot injuries.  Based upon his findings, Chuck creates strategies to correct the cause of the injury and not just address the symptoms causing discomfort.

Chuck’s clients range from the non-athletic population of all ages to many professional athletes in Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League, PGA/LPGA tours, soccer players from various leagues, track and field, and multi-sport athletes.  As a former professional athlete, Chuck is an advocate of healthy lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition, and uses that mindset to assist his client base toward their goals of optimal performance in all walks of life.

Chuck is a leader of functional anatomy and biomechanics within the fitness and sports performance industries.  He works and consults extensively with neurosurgeons, orthopedic specialists, podiatrists, and physical therapists addressing musculoskeletal issues and developing corrective exercise programs.  Chuck has presented at many national and international conferences and written numerous articles and produced many educational videos in the areas of human motion, sports science, and human performance.

Chuck began his journey into the fitness and sports industry with a career in professional baseball which led to him getting a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from George Williams College, and a specialization in Applied Biomechanics. He has a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute.


New Perspective of Exercise & Patterns

This website will add insight to how the body actually moves through three planes of motion from the ground up. It is our desire to share information with those dedicated to investigating why we move differently than we were trained. New perspectives of exercise and movement patterns will be offered with the hope of enhancing the health, activities of daily living, and the quality of life for those we touch.
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Human Motion Associates is dedicated to understanding the reactions of muscles and joints to improve efficiency of performance through movement science. Our goal is to enhance health through activities of daily living.

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