Make Shoulder External Rotation Stability Exercise A Full Body Movement

The body-wide fascial webbing connects the hips to the shoulders and affects movements involving those structures. For example, many throwers and golfers I have evaluated that present with an anterior shoulder limitation are actually tight in the opposite adductor, hip flexor, or oblique regions. There have been cases when the client is tight through internal rotation the same side hip

The study of human movement teaches us the opposite shoulder external rotation is enhanced when the opposite hip complex has ample external rotation motion. Likewise, the same side shoulder external rotation is enhanced when there is ample internal rotation of the same side hip.

Through the understanding of the Anterior X-Factor Flexibility Highway, the tissues connect from the opposite adductor, into the hip flexor, to the obliques, to the pectorals, and attaches to the shoulder. This relationship is conducive for rotation and extension movements to the opposite side.

Shoulder external rotation exercises typically have been done using a band, tubing, or some form of cable system. These are effective movements, however, are isolated to the shoulder joint and tissues around the joint.

In addition to the traditional movement pattern of band or cable resisted external rotation exercises, we integrate the Anterior X-Factor into the movement pattern. By doing so, the opposing hip gains range of motion through external rotation, the abdominal complex is loaded, and the posterior musculature of the shoulder girdle (infraspinatus, teres minor, posterior deltoid) are strengthened. Additionally, the same side hip can gain greater range of motion into internal hip rotation. The benefit is this exercise becomes a full body movement rather than only isolated.

Please view the video of Integrated Shoulder External Rotation. Please watch for Part 2 of Integrated Shoulder Stabilization with Integrated Shoulder Internal Rotation.

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