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There is so much we can do alone, and so much more we can do as a community. Take a look at a few organizations that we have created close relationships with as we create a community that looks to enhance health and improve performance.

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The Comeback Team

The Comeback Team features three coaches (Dr. Robert Masson, Trevor Anderson, and Chuck Wolf) who together have over 100 years combined of experience helping people in the health and fitness industry and was created to inspire people from all walks of life to transform their life and start a journey of becoming their best self. For more information visit Comeback.team

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Perform Better

The experts in functional training, rehabilitation, and sports performance equipment and education. Perform Better has carefully selected each fitness equipment product in its catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance or rehabilitation. For more information visit PerformBetter.com

Masson Spine Institue

Masson Spine Institute

Masson Spine Institute is a passionate advocate for prevention, wellness, fitness and ultimately extreme recovery in the face of spinal injury. We are committed to using a comprehensive multi-modality approach to help patients return to spine health following their spinal treatment. For more information visit Massonsi.com

Institue of motion

Institute of Motion

The Institute of Motion (“IoM”) is a new educational and collaborative resource for fitness professionals featuring webinars, mentorships, DVDs, online courses, program design, pre-made fitness programs, articles, and consultancy and lecture engagements, among other offerings all based on our own IoM Methodology. For more information visit InstituteofMotion.com

Spark motion

Spark Pro

Spark Pro is our most powerful app that puts the power of motion analysis in the hands of you the professional. With this HIPAA Compliant tool, you can minimize costs while maximizing revenue and ultimately, human performance. For more information visit SparkMotion.com
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Human Motion Associates is dedicated to understanding the reactions of muscles and joints to improve efficiency of performance through movement science. Our goal is to enhance health through activities of daily living.

Looking to improve your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths, for a BIGGER and BETTER COMEBACK. Listen to the Comback team


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